What's in a name? Well, for someone with a bundle of joy on the way, just about everything. BabyCenter recently released the most popular baby names of 2008 and here are the top ten girls names:

  1. Emma
  2. Sophia
  3. Madison
  4. Isabella
  5. Olivia
  6. Ava
  7. Madeline
  8. Addison
  9. Hailey
  10. Lily

For the list of the top ten boys names, just read more.

  1. Aiden
  2. Jayden
  3. Ethan
  4. Jacob
  5. Caden
  6. Jackson
  7. Noah
  8. Jack
  9. Logan
  10. Matthew

Does your lil one's name fall on the list? For the full list of 100 girls and boys names check out their website.