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Texts and Tunes: I'd Like the Goo-Gen-Heim

Texts and Tunes: I'd Like the Goo-Gen-Heim

There are good books and then there are texts that inspire. A.C. Hollingsworth's love of the Guggenheim Museum shines through on every page of I'd Like the Goo-Gen-Heim ($15), the story the artist wrote and illustrated. An introduction to modern art for wee ones, it's the colorful tale of Andy who celebrates his birthday with an outing to Central Park with his father and the older gent falls asleep on a bench.

While entertaining himself with a balloon, the lad looks up to see a beautiful building that "seemed to smile at him" — Frank Lloyd Wright's famed structure — and goes to explore all that it has to offer. Inside, he studies the works of Kandinsky, Kline, Picasso and Leger before returning to his dad. Upon waking up, Andy's father asks him what he wants for his birthday and the lil boy replies, "I'd Like the Goo-Gen-Heim." Originally published in 1970, the text was recently reprinted with permission of the author's widow.

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