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After Having Kids, You'll Never Look at These Things the Same

Mar 12 2014 - 3:55am

Adults tend to become desensitized to mundane parts of life . . . until you have kids who are exactly the opposite and are crazy perceptive. It's one of my favorite things about parenting: children force us to see the everyday world in a whole new light. The ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary, and we can guarantee that postchildren, you'll never look at these things the same.

Source: Flickr user criminalintent [1]

Airplanes and Helicopters

Thousands of airplanes and helicopters buzzed over our heads without us even noticing how many flying objects take to the skies on a daily basis — that is, until you've got a toddler. Then every single one is pointed out and cherished.

Source: Flickr user boblockwood [2]


Bubbles are just a part of life to most of us. They pop up all around on a daily basis — but when you have kids, you realize that bubbles are actually everywhere, and yeah, they are pretty darn cool.

Source: Flickr user jmorgan90 [3]


Show me a big rig, digger, fire truck, or cement mixer, and I'll show you a child with a pointed finger.

Source: Flickr user jooliargh [4]

Bodies of Water

Pools, beaches, ponds, and lakes are relaxing ways to pass a hot Summer's day . . . until you take your child, who doesn't understand the concept of drowning, and it suddenly becomes the least relaxing thing you could ever imagine.

Source: Flickr user rosshawkes [5]

Dogs With Their Heads Out Car Windows

My oldest child is 5, and I'm pretty sure that for the past four and a half years, not a single dog with its head out a car window has passed us without me knowing.

Source: Flickr user toaireisdivine [6]


Without fail, my children can point out any motorcycle on the roadways way before I'd ever notice it.

Source: Flickr user maggie-lin [7]

School Buses

There's just something about these big yellow buses that little kids can't get enough of.

Source: Flickr user kb35 [8]

Humans in Full Costume

Kids are quick to spy a human in full costume. And it can go either way — pure delight or utter terror — but I guarantee you never gave them much thought until you had your child's happiness or fear riding on its presence.

Source: Flickr user shortfatkid [9]

Bounce Houses

I'm pretty sure I never noticed a single bounce house until I had children — and now I can't figure out why on earth they are present at every single event or celebration, big or small.

Source: Flickr user gracefamily [10]


To an adult, balloons are just balloons. For babies through big kids, balloons are the ultimate form of entertainment. It doesn't even have to be filled with helium; just a regular ol' balloon will bring crazy excitement.

Source: Flickr user ewan_traveler [11]

Ice Cream

I love ice cream as much as the next girl, but my kids can see an ice cream cone from a mile away. We cannot walk by an ice cream shop, a person eating an ice cream, or see an ice cream ad without them immediately noticing it and begging for it.

Source: Flickr user labyrinthx-2 [12]


While you don't have kids, if you're tired, you hit the sack. Problem solved. When you have kids, you're always tired, and just going to bed is almost never an option — and uninterrupted sleep is rare. Be it your own, your child's, or other people's, you'll never look at sleep the same way.

Source: Flickr user peasap [13]


Just one single piece of paper with a gluey back brings pure joy to a child. Heck, a whole sheet of stickers brings joy to mama, as she may get a few minutes to check her email.

Source: Flickr user buildscharacter [14]

Hot Dogs

People go on eating this American classic all the time without thought. And then you have kids and the hot dog becomes an issue. Kids love 'em, but parents are terrified (me included) of their tots choking on them or eating the nasty stuff (nitrates, mystery meat, etc.) found in them.

Source: Flickr user thebusybrain [15]


Trains are cool, they really are. But if you have a child, trains are ridiculously awesome. I dare you to pass a train without pointing it out to your tot. Better yet, I double dog dare you to try to get away with not letting your kid have a turn on a train ride.

Source: Flickr user exxodus [16]

Medical Visits

Prechildren, medical visits are just a routine part of life. You're sick? Make an appointment. Need a dental cleaning? Get that scheduled. Postchildren, medical visits require the perfect preparation, flawless timing, and loads of tricks up your sleeves — and that's just for your own appointments!

Source: Flickr user karenapricot [17]

The News

Many an adult likes to tune in to the news to see what's happening in the world; it's totally normal. However, when you have kids in the mix, the news not only becomes a source of serious stress for mothers (suddenly the world where our kids are growing up is a lot scarier), but it also can be minefield for small ears with a lot of questions, big imaginations, and even bigger fears.

Source: Flickr user likeablerodent [18]

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