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8 Things You THOUGHT You Knew Before You Had Kids

Jul 8 2014 - 5:34am

Parenting is a humbling process. We go through life thinking we know all this stuff about all this stuff and then we have kids and realize that we actually don't. It's crazy how some of the most elementary questions that our kids ask can leave us thinking, "Wow, I have absolutely no idea." Just yesterday I googled if a frog was cold-blooded or not, because I honestly could not remember. Here are just a few of the subjects in which kiddos leave parents feeling less than knowledgeable.

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There may have been a time when you were well versed in animals, but your children will school you on that subject. From the onslaught of questions about what they eat, where they live, and if they sting or bite, parents might need to hit the books (or Google) when it comes to the animal kingdom.

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Your Religion

Children are naturally curious about religion, especially the one in which you are raising them. Kids will find the loophole in your knowledge on your religion and can make you feel like the worst Christian, Jew, Muslim (or whatever it is you practice) ever.

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Think you know where things are on this Earth? Think again. Nothing is more humbling about your knowledge of geography than when a child starts asking you where something is on a map and you can't find it.

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It doesn't matter if, like me, you were in all advanced math classes. Math today is altogether different, especially if your child's school follows Common Core [5]. Around the fourth grade is when parents start scratching their heads during math homework help.

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Quick: Who was the sixth President of the United States? What does the "D" stand for in "D-Day"? When did World War II end? What was Manifest Destiny?


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My daughter can name a ton of dinosaurs. But unless someone is asking me to name a T. rex or Stegosaurus, I'm generally at a loss.

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Things That Go

Better study up on your big rigs because kiddos are curious about machines and basically all things that go. From planes to trucks to trains, be prepared to feel very inadequate in this area of expertise.

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Before kids, things may have tried our patience, and we may have learned to practice patience in different situations, but nothing shows you that you still have a lot to learn when it comes to being patient than when you have kids.

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