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101 Things to Teach Your Daughter

Mar 14 2016 - 3:07pm

We like the way that Leah Froehle thinks. When we stumbled upon her list of 101 Things I Will Teach My Daughters on Thought Catalog [1], we thought that it was yet another iteration of the same list we'd seen a thousand times before. Instead, it's a spot-on summary of many of life's most important lessons — from the silly, to the sentimental, to the serious. Leah's list of 101 thoughts that every girl needs to know gets to the core of what it means to be a confident, smart, self-assured woman. We've pulled out 10 of our favorite highlights below.

Source: Flickr user Bobbyjo Birdsong [2]

Bask in the Sun (Wearing a Sunhat and SPF 90)

Source: Flickr user Bobbyjo Birdsong [3]

Get Stuck in a Foreign Country With $4.67 in Your Account

Source: Flickr user Jan Arendtsz [4]

Carbohydrates Are Not the Enemy

Source: Flickr user Jo Hofacker [5]

Follow Your Bliss at All Costs (I'm Cutting You Off at 22, Though)

There Is a Certain Kind of Man You Need to Avoid at All Costs

It's Too Much Eyeliner If You Have to Ask

Source: Flickr user Sammy Hermans [6]

Anna Karenina. I'd Like It If You Read It.

Source: Instagram user rc_valenka [7]

Even If You're Tall, Wear the Heels Anyway

Source: Instagram user sickbenny [8]

My Cooking Is the Best Cooking

Laugh Until You Can't Breathe With Your Friends

Want to see the other 91 things you need to teach your daughter [9]? Head over to Leah Froehle's awesome list on Thought Catalog.

Source: HBO [10]

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