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How to Get Your Child Over the Homesick Hurdle

Jun 23 2014 - 4:32am

Moms go through many emotions when sending the kids to sleepaway camp [1]. The biggest one being the fear that their child will suffer from homesickness. It's completely normal for kids to miss their families, especially if it's their first time away from home. Unfortunately, it is something that can easily turn an amazing experience into something traumatizing. Here, seven ways to help your child overcome homesickness and have a great Summer away.

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Talk to Her Beforehand

Before sending your child to camp, take the time to talk to her about homesickness. Discuss what it is and how she can try to deal with it. Also reassure her that it's a normal feeling that fades once she starts to make friends and have fun.

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Don't Show Your Fear

We all worry about what will happen to our child at camp, but it's important to keep the concerns to ourselves. Rather than saying, "I hope you fun," say, "You will have fun." This instills confidence in your child and reminds him that he is there to have a good time.

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Make Him a Calendar

To some kids, two weeks can seem like a lifetime. Marking his time away on a calendar puts it into perspective and reminds him that he will eventually return home.

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Stay in Touch

Weekly letters or nightly phone calls are a great way to comfort your child, while also gauging her emotions. After a few days, you may even start to hear some hilarious stories [6].

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Send Him a Care Package

A few comforting reminders of home can instantly cheer up your child. Send him his favorite snacks, a family photo, or a beloved toy to get him through the loneliness.

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Pay Her a Visit

Take advantage of any parents days that the camp offers. Seeing you may be the thing that turns her experience around.

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Let Him Come Home

If your child is expressing signs of distress, such as stomach pains, loss of appetite, or inability to sleep, it may be wise to bring him home. After all, his happiness is the most important thing. You can always try again next Summer and better prepare him by taking short practice trips throughout the year.

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