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10 Tips For Coping With a Distracted Nurser

Nov 2 2009 - 8:00am

While experts may agree that breastfeeding [1] is one of the best things mothers can do for their babies, many moms admit it also happens to be quite challenging. Just as you and your baby get into the swing of things, he or she is probably noticing that there's more to life than just mommy. Though it may be a good sign of development, it can make nursing a chore. Many tots are more interested in taking in the world around them and not the milk. If you've got a distracted nurser on your hands (and breasts) check out these tips for coping.

Turn Off Electronics

When your little one was a newborn, you may have turned to your iPhone or the TV to pass the time. Now that your baby is older, it may be time to tuck those devices away. The very things that keep mommy's attention will do the same for her wee one.

Nurse on the Move

It may seem odd, but walking around the room or rocking in a chair while nursing your child may actually help him or her focus more.

Don't Give Up

Tots may pull off of the breast if they hear a noise or see daddy walk across the room, but don't call it quits just then. Try, try, try again. Chances are your baby is not really done.

Move to a Quiet Place

Some babies are easily distracted by noises. If your tot seems to be preoccupied, move to a quiet place while breastfeeding.

Make Sure Your Supply Is Up

If your little one is not getting enough milk at a fast pace, he is more likely to get distracted from feeding. The harder it is, the harder time he'll have concentrating. Increasing your milk supply [2] may be all it takes to get baby back in the swing of things.

Move to a Dark Place

Some children need more than just quiet — they also need it to be dark. If your baby seems interested in everything but nursing, try moving to a darker spot.

Cover Baby Up

If darkness is not an option, you can also try covering up. Nursing covers [3] allow mommy to nurse discreetly in public, but they can also help lil ones focus on the task at hand.

Change Positions

Sometimes your little wiggler needs to be wrangled in a little more tightly. Try changing positions while nursing your tot. A good option is the football hold because it gives you a little more control over your hungry baby. On the other hand, some unruly wee ones will be more apt to cooperate if they are the ones with more control. If that sounds like your tot, try nursing your baby standing up or sitting on your lap facing you.

Timing Is Everything

It's not always convenient, but if you're really looking to make sure your tot has a few decent feedings in the day try picking times when she is more willing. Good times usually include: right when she wakes up, when she's getting sleepy, or even when she's already asleep.

Nurse More Often

If all else fails, distracted children may need to nurse more often in order to ensure that they are getting enough milk. It's hard on mommy who's probably enjoying fewer feedings throughout the day, but remember that this too shall pass.

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