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8 Tips For Recovering From a C-Section With a Toddler

Jun 9 2014 - 9:04am

Heading home from the hospital following the birth of a second, third, or fourth child is a momentous occasion. And while mom is negotiating the new family dynamics and figuring out how she can be attentive to each child, she is also recovering from delivery. Women who've given birth via C-section [1] have a few extra obstacles to clear, as they heal from abdominal surgery.

Most doctors recommend that C-section patients not lift anything heavier than their baby (or 10 pounds) for the first three weeks, which may prove difficult when there is an older child at home. Here's how to ease your time at home while also tending to an older kiddo.

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Enlist Bath Time Help

Bath time should be a fun and relaxing time for mom and tot, but when mom can barely get down on the floor, forget leaning over the tub and lifting a child out. Ask friends, neighbors, or family to help with the task — even if it means shifting bath time from its usual part of the day — to keep everyone clean and happy.

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Bank Car Pool Favors

Many doctors, and insurance companies, do not allow driving for the first few weeks after a C-section delivery. Prior to the birth, volunteer to drive the car pool as often as possible. Once the baby arrives, cash in your "vouchers," and let your friends and neighbors tote your tot around town.

Seal the Area

If your older tyke is prone to running through the house, consider putting up childproof gates to limit his playing field. Doing so will help you keep tabs on the little guy while reducing the surface area that you need to cover while chasing him.

Load Up the Freezer

In the weeks leading up to your due date, stock the freezer with your older child's favorite meals. It's hard enough to stand and cook for yourself, and trying to play chef for your tot isn't any easier. Consider freezable dishes like meatballs, chicken fingers, etc.

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Schedule Playdates

Though you may be perfectly content sitting on the couch as you recover from surgery, the new big brother will become restless. Speak to his friends' parents prior to delivery, and try to arrange a schedule of playdates so he can run around with children his own age.

Stock Up on Seated Play Items

Play dough, board games, and coloring books are ideal interactive activities for moms and tots that don't require much mobility.

Bring Out the Step Stools

Lifting a little one onto the toilet, up to the sink, or onto their bed are on the "no-no" list in the immediate postpartum days. Place step stools in areas you know your tot will need help.

Round Up the Toys

Spend a few moments each morning ensuring that all of your child's favorite toys are located in a spot where you will be spending most of your time. Eliminating runs up and down the stairs will speed up recovery.

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