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Tips For Your Tot's First Haircut

Aug 28 2012 - 9:13am

It doesn't matter how old your lil one is, getting a first haircut [1] can be an adventure. From not knowing if it's going to hurt to the challenge of getting them to just sitting still, there are several ways to make a first haircut experience a successful one for your tot. After gathering input from kid stylists to parents that have already been there, here's a collection of tips for making that first haircut awesome, paired with a few adorable pictures of tots getting coiffed for the very first time.

Source: Flickr user marabuchi [2]

Talk About It

Give your lil one a heads-up about getting a haircut by talking about it beforehand. Starting the conversation a couple of days in advance gives your tot time to understand what's going to happen. You can even enjoy a bit of pretend play at the imaginary hair salon to act out and explore what it's like to get a haircut — with pretend scissors, of course!

Source: Flickr user kanonn [3]

Do Some Research

Take the time to check around and find out from friends and the Internet what the top kid-friendly salon is in your neck of the woods. If you've got a lil with lots of locks, a barber-style salon might not be the right fit for her first cut. Check with friends to find out where they head for the best snips and then call and chat with the stylist before making the appointment. It's a good idea to ask how long the cut might take, how many chairs are in the salon, and how long they've has been trimming tots.

Source: Flickr user Aasen Ryan Family [4]

Don't Force It

If things aren't working, don't force it. Some kids aren't excited about wearing a cape, so if just getting one on your lil starts the frustration, skip it and continue with the cut. If you know things aren't going to work, it's totally OK to end the haircut before it's even begun. Pay the stylist for her time and plan on trying it again another day.

Source: Flickr user pawpaw67 [5]

Zen Out

While getting my tot's hair cut for the first time, I asked the stylist what tips he had for first-time haircuts. He reminded that lil ones pick up on Mom and Dad's behaviors, and if they are freaking out, the tot probably will too. And that it's important to let the stylist do the cut, not the parent. Sure, it's a great idea to offer suggestions, but trust that the stylist is going to give your lil one a good cut. Stay out of the way and help when asked.

Source: Sarah Lipoff [6]

Trust the Stylist

Your lil one just might have a breakdown, but that's OK. Trust the stylist and offer support as needed. It's pretty likely the stylist has experience with crying tots in the past, so ask what you can do to help — or just take a step back and let the stylist finish the cut.

Source: Flickr user ~ Kevin McGrew ~ [7]

Make It Fun

Plan a fun activity for after your lil one's first haircut, such as a visit to your favorite ice cream parlor [8], so your tot connects getting a haircut with something he loves. Let him know what the plans are so he knows what to expect.

Source: Flickr user kona99 [9]

Don't Forget a Few Pictures

Our stylist handed us an adorable certificate, a bag of clipped locks, and a quick snapshot from our tot's first haircut. Even if your lil isn't having a great time don't forget to capture a few pictures. Getting a first haircut is a momentous occasion and having adorable pictures ensures the experience will be cherished for years to come.

Source: Flickr user I Should Be Folding Laundry [10]

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