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Supercool! 9 Cool Crafts You Can Make With Toilet Paper Rolls

Oct 9 2012 - 9:03am

Instead of tossing that empty toilet paper tube, repurpose it into something really special. Even if you're not a crafty mama, you might be surprised just how easy these projects are. Along with getting creative with your child, you're teaching your tot how to reuse items instead of tossing them into the trash. From amazing wall hangings to crazy-cool bracelets, check out these easier-than-you-think projects that help use up a common household item.

Wall Hanging

Transform those empty toilet paper rolls into an amazing wall hanging [1] with the help of some glue and clothespins. Check out this mom's inspiration and finished creation over at Myrtle & Eunice [2].

Source: Myrtle & Eunice [3]

Heart Stamps

Who knew a simple toilet paper roll could turn into something as lovely as a heart stamp [4] for tots? Check out the simple steps for making this stamp from Rust & Sunshine that can be used for making holiday cards, fun artworks, or lots and lots of heart-filled papers.

Source: Rust & Sunshine [5]

Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Empty toilet paper tube rolls can easily be transformed into these adorable owls that will liven up any room. Learn more about this crafty idea from Creative Jewish Mom [6].

Source: Creative Jewish Mom [7]

Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

So simple, and yet so lovely, this project is fun for kids of all ages — and perfect for feeding the birds. Check out the step-by-step directions from Go Graham Go! [8].

Source: Go Graham Go! [9]

Cardboard Tube Bracelets

These tube bracelets [10] are fun for kids and adults, and are a really colorful way to repurpose those tubes. And this craft from Eighteen25 uses lots of bits and pieces of other materials, making these bracelets a great eco-friendly, repurposed project.

Source: eighteen25 [11]

Napkin Rings

These napkin rings [12] are simple and easy, making them the perfect craft for making with your kids before a special celebration. And you can tailor them to the season by using different colors of tissue paper, such as red, yellow, and orange for Fall, or shades of blue for the Winter months.

Source: So says Sarah... [13]

Tube Sculpture

With the help of some paint, scissors, and glue, you're on your way to a unique toilet paper tube sculpture that looks cool in any room. This creative mama used a sea urchin as inspiration for this craft.

Source: Flickr user erika g [14]

Faux-Metal Wall Hanging

Not feeling like getting crafty? Leave it to Etsy seller Hopes Home Decor to make one for you. And this faux-metal wall hanging [15] ($20) is nice and light, making it easy to hang on a wall or window.

Holiday Ornaments

Here's a really sweet repurposed toilet paper tube creation from Michele Made Me. And using metallic paint really makes these holiday ornaments [16] pop, whether hung from a tree or simply in a window.

Source: Michele Made Me [17]

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