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Travel Made Easy With Baby

Mommy's Lil Helper: Leave the Extra Suitcase at Home

Whenever I travel with my baby, I have to bring along a whole extra suitcase for all the stuff she needs for the vacation – diapers, wipes, diaper cream, pack and play sheets, monitors, books, toys, bibs, feeding supplies, bottles, clothes, shoes, bathing supplies, etc.

This coming weekend I will be traveling sans husband so I have decided that instead of having to lug two suitcases, a stroller, a car-seat, diaper bag and my babe, that I will ship a box of goodies to my destination thereby alleviating the stress and panic that comes with overburdening myself with tasks I can't handle. All I have to do is show up with my daughter and her necessary items to get me to the hotel. Once there, everything else will be waiting for me.

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