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Trendtotting: Little MissMatched

Trendtotting: Little MissMatched

About halfway through each Winter, my daughter (and sometimes I) loses one glove from her set. It is around this time that the stores have moved into Spring clothes and nary a glove is available for purchase, so we become creative in how we cover her hands on cold days.

It seems that I am not the only mother who faces this issue, as I recently came across a fun little company called Little MissMatched that caters to us. Launched four years ago, the company sells gloves - and socks - in mismatched, but coordinating, packs of three. Designed to encourage creativity among girls of all ages, the packages are great for lil ones (and their moms) who misplace gloves on the playground or socks at gymnastics class. With adorable designs that can be mixed and matched, you can guarantee that a few sets of these creations will be making their way into my tot's Winter wardrobe.

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