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Prep For Presidents' Day With Fun Trivia and Activities

Feb 15 2014 - 6:54am

Presidents' Day shouldn't just be exciting because it means a day off school. Use it as an opportunity to teach children about past and present US leaders. We've gathered activities and games — we're talking coloring books and a deck of cards — that give kids the 411 on American presidents while officially keeping them entertained.

Presidents Card Game Set

Playing Go Fish gets a lot more educational with this presidents card set [1] ($17) that highlights the biographical facts and accomplishments of each commander in chief.

Presidents Facts & Fun Activity Book

With more than 30 mazes, search puzzles, fun facts, and illustrations, this presidents activity book [2] ($17) will enlist kids to find George Washington's false teeth and Barack Obama's lost basketball.

American Presidents Fold-Out Sticker Book

This fold-out sticker book [3] ($9) isn't just about peeling off portraits of the presidents. It's also a learning tool that profiles each man and features their personal stories and major accomplishments; kids will discover tidbits like which leader had 15 children.

American Presidents Sticker Book

William Henry Harrison, who? Kids will get to know lesser-known presidents when they match each sticker portrait with a frame that lists names and terms in this fun sticker book [4] ($5).

Great American Presidents Travel Pouch Puzzle

Presidents meet playtime when kids put together this Great American Presidents Travel Pouch Puzzle [5] ($5) about each American leader.

American Presidents Coloring Book

All US presidents are waiting for an artistic flourish, thanks to a coloring book [6] ($5) that shows the American commanders in front of scenes related to their administrations — for example, there's James Madison in front of a burning White House during the War of 1812.

Have Fun With the Presidents: Activities, Projects, and Fascinating Facts

Have Fun With the Presidents [7] ($15) is an activity book full of recipes that the presidents loved, activities, games, puzzles, and quotes. Fun fact from the book: George H.W. Bush hated broccoli so much he had it banned from the White House kitchen.

Presidents of The United States Card Game

A set of trivia cards [8] ($12) is a fun way for kids to learn all about the presidents. These 30 game cards combine true or false and multiple-choice questions in easy and hard levels.

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