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(VIDEO) McDonald's Staff Saves 14-Month-Old from Choking

(VIDEO) McDonald's Staff Saves 14-Month-Old from Choking

(VIDEO) McDonald's Staff Saves 14-Month-Old from Choking

Here's a situation we hope to never be in as parents — but if we are, we hope to be surrounded by people who can and will help, as this Sydney, Australia family was.

Tevita and Glory's 14-month-old, Nevaeh, began to choke while eating at a McDonald's, and quickly stopped breathing. They ran to the fast food counter to seek help, becoming more and more frantic as their daughter's situation became more dire. As the video shows, staff members and customers desperately tried to save her — and their efforts eventually paid off!

Watch the video below:

Image Source: YouTube

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RolaIngram RolaIngram 4 years
I would like to know where in Sydney these staff work as that is truly encourages, I myself didn't get any assistance when my son who was 3 at the time was sitting and when he went get up with his hand on the table it slid and he smashed his face on the marble table loosing 2 teeth and having 2 more pushed into his gum. No one from mc donnalds bankstown tried to assist in any way even after seeing the blood pouring out of my sons mouth.
KristinaTramel KristinaTramel 4 years
I took CPR for school and a 14 month old is still considerd an infant in the way you give them CPR and it depends on the child's size. I wouldn't recommend you giving a small child CPR the way you would an adult.
ClaireJones53403 ClaireJones53403 4 years
I found another video searching it on youtube. But they did do CPR correctly. With infants you do two fingers between the nipples for chest thrusts, then you flip them over and pound their back. Technically after a year you can do the heimlich, but I think it depends on the size of the child. I am CPR certified and a nurse. The staff at this McD's was very brave and that is awesome they did this. And just so everyone knows, in America they now have the Good Samaritan Act that prohibits people from suing good Samaritans after giving CPR
StephenDanielPerkins StephenDanielPerkins 4 years
JeanneHood JeanneHood 4 years
I wonder if Jenny has taken CPR. You do the two fingers on infants! A 14 months old is not an infant. Granted they are still a baby but it is different depending on the age of the child and if they are breathing or not and where/what they are choking on is. They did the right thing. What is even more amazing and I really liked .... Someone was WILLING to get involved and help. They were not afraid of being sued and the other side that because a stranger saved their child the family didn't try to sue them for helping. Australia still has some moral ethics and humanity unlike alot of Americans!
CoMMember13636452037463 CoMMember13636452037463 4 years
i am thankful that the little girl is ok but i did understand that when helped arrived, they walked in, they didnt rush in,, also when they got there they just stood in the back and watched.... i am not sure of the guy in the blonde hair but he did a good job..
GretchenLofton GretchenLofton 4 years
This Happened to my 7 yr old daughter at her birthday dinner, thank god a woman sitting at the table next to us was a nurse and just jumped in and saved her, I know how that father felt and its not a good feeling, Im thankful everyday for the help we got
DianeHancock23624 DianeHancock23624 4 years
That was traumatic to watch, I would hate to have been there and I cant even imagine if it was my kid. Well done to the staff, great job.
MichelleLeininger MichelleLeininger 4 years
just watching this I was on edge thank god the girl is ok
PajLo PajLo 4 years
Omg watched this and cried if it had been my child I'd be freaking out. Thank god for all the people that helped;-)
DawnErfft DawnErfft 4 years
jenny, do u have kids??? that comment was messed up.
JennyShelley JennyShelley 4 years
That's y u don't give a fucking 14 month old McDonald's..... Stupid stupid stupid... And if a little kid is choking its two fingers on the abdominal cavity and push up... U can't panic or that's when u mess up...
StephMarshall StephMarshall 4 years
My son had something like this happen at my home when he was around 2yrs old, we thought he was chocking later that he has epolepsy and autism.. He is now an amazing 6 1/2 yr old boy! I was as greatful to have him home and healthy as i am sure these parents were too.. its so scary when your baby goes threw something like this and it feels like there is nothing you can do or that it is totally out of your control.. thank god they had so many people around to help them.
amandastoughton amandastoughton 4 years
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