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(VIDEO) Parents Outraged Over Baby "Bikini"

(VIDEO) Parents Outraged Over Baby "Bikini"

(VIDEO) Parents Outraged Over Baby "Bikini"

Parents in Southaven, Mississippi are disgusted by a new baby onesie that recently hit the toddler girls' racks in stores there. The onesie, which imposes an image of a bikini-clad woman's torso over the tot's, is made by Wild Child (Bon Bebe), and is being carried at Gordmon's stores. 

To see why some local shoppers defend the onesie, watch the video on Huffington Post.

Image Source: Huffington Post

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ChristineCaldwell ChristineCaldwell 4 years
REALLY? That is directed at the outraged parents. Get over it! (That is all I have to say.)
JessRud JessRud 4 years
The fact that some of you think men would be visually stimulated by a baby wearing a t-shirt is quite hilarious actually. There is no cleavage showing, yep it has curves, just like the majority of the women on the planet. It's a PICTURE, a very fake one at that. Men (I'm talking about real, normal, men) will not be looking at this on a baby and getting sexual thoughts. They'll laugh and think it's funny. They will NOT be seeing your babies as anything but that. You need to get over yourselves and realize that the majority of men, are not going to be seeing anything sexual about this. Of course there are sickos out there, that is never going to change. But as long as you are doing your job as a parent, why are you worried about some asshole? It's not like you're going to stand there and hand them your baby.
ChelsieRuby ChelsieRuby 4 years
Don't like it , don't buy it !! Problem solved !
ChelsieRuby ChelsieRuby 4 years
Don't like it, don't buy it problem solved
hautemama21 hautemama21 4 years
Just adding my own opinion...but, I DO see the humor some of you might get from this, but I also have to admit that I completely 100% AGREE with Kimmi McKnight, about the sexualization of babies/young toddlers. While it is true that some people may get a laugh & a giggle out of it, in THIS day and age (sorry for the cliche), there are some really NASTY-A$$ sickos out there who might see our BABIES, yes, even BABIES in a different way. I PERSONALLY wouldn't buy this if I saw it in the store, & I'm not all for dressing my own 4-year old daughter in the two-piece type bathing suits no matter how cute they may seem because my baby girl is still a child to me & bikinis are just not what I think is appropriate baby or toddler-wear, period. And the reason why is because I am trying to look out for HER safety, isn't that what we do for our children? We make the decisions based on what we feel is in their best interest. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your kids. Look at all these reports & scandals of sick-a$$ bastards like Sandusky, & now finding out that teachers, some who have taught for many years, even people like pastors, sexually abusing the kids who have been entrusted to them..can you just imagine how they start off, probably when those kids are as young as TODDLERS & believe me I know b/c I have seen it in my personal life from close friends who have been through these situations. You create a situation for these people to make prey out of your children, parents parade them dressed like they're little adults & then they wonder later why their kids were targeted by molesters & pedophiles! SMH..better to be safe than sorry!! In MY opinion, only so don't bust my balls trying to defend yourself..I don't judge anyone if they want to dress their kids whatever way they want, but I am just saying, don't be surprised at some of the reactions you might happen to get from doing so. dressing up my toddler girl in provocative for-adult'
WilliamCate WilliamCate 4 years
So you can't just NOT BUY it you have to waist your time being "outraged", I agree that its wrong but an add that dosnt show a child is not harmful why not be more worried about shows like toddlers and terries and the nasty mothers that make there children dress like whores.
KodieChristian KodieChristian 4 years
Seriously, people these days will get offended by anything...If u dont like it or want ur child wearing it, then dont buy it...Simple Solution....
AngelM AngelM 4 years
Well I feel that the company making this did nothing wrong. It is the parents who need to make the decision to buy or not to buy this. I think that it is practically giving the same imagine of the barbie doll, and they are still being sold. Personally, I would never buy my child this onesie or a barbie doll, they are both demeaning to woman of all shapes.
Stacy15018836 Stacy15018836 4 years
I'd let my 7 month old wear that, she wears a bikini when I take her swimming. It is a joke.
MicheleGirton MicheleGirton 4 years
You're absolutely right Sara-I should have said ridiculous. My apologies if you were offended.
MistyPrice83214 MistyPrice83214 4 years
you think this is bad? have you seen the outfits at Spencers they have for kids??
RitaPhillips RitaPhillips 4 years
Stupid if they don't like it don't buy it
CoMMember13610105545513 CoMMember13610105545513 4 years
If you don't like it, just don't buy it. I wouldn't get one of those for a baby, but people wear very small bikinis to the beach here in Rio... and nobody cares. It's cultural. In any case, never seen a baby wear anything even slightly sensual here in Brazil.
PatriciaPorter37274 PatriciaPorter37274 4 years
I've seen worse. Some of the sayings on onsies put down the mother or father - something I would never buy. The above would be cute for an infant to wear to the beach or pool. It's just a onesie...not like they are marketing newborn bikinis!
lucycravenablott lucycravenablott 4 years
Wrong wrong wrong, My daughter's 12 years she still wears an all in 1 and sometimes shorts depending! to many nasty people out there!!!
MonicaLopiccolo MonicaLopiccolo 4 years
I wouldn't want mine wearing it either- it's an ugly idea to make something like that. Don't even let any of my daughters wear a bikini.
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 4 years
i sure wouldn't want my child wearing this with all the pedophiles out there, they already think disturbing enough thoughts i don't want to encourage their imaginations :s
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