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A Sweet Valentine's Day Cookie-Decorating Party

Jan 31 2017 - 6:48am

What's a Valentine's Day celebration without sweets? When Jenny from Jenny Cookies [1] decided to host a cookie decorating party [2] for the holiday, she went all out — down to the last pink detail. The baker loves vintage valentines, so she incorporated the classic notes to throw an old-school yet fun event for her friends and their children. The guests enjoyed heart-shaped pizza, swirl lollipops, and, of course, plenty of sprinkles.

The focal point of the party was the sweets table, where cupcakes, cookies, and vintage posters set the theme of the soiree.

Source: Jenny Cookies [3]

Even though the event was about decorating cookies, it wouldn't have been a Valentine's Day party without some red velvet cupcakes. The desserts were finished off with a Cupid cupcake topper and red ribbon.

Source: Jenny Cookies [4]

Candy-heart pops with a red polka-dot stem served as both decor and a sweet treat.

Source: Jenny Cookies [5]

Both boys and girls used their imaginations (with the help of sprinkles and icing) to decorate their cookies.

Source: Jenny Cookies [6]

The party was based on vintage valentines, and the cookies represented the theme perfectly.

Source: Jenny Cookies [7]

The main decorating essential? Sprinkles! Red, white, and heart-shaped ones.

Source: Jenny Cookies [8]

The decorating table was set up with red plates for eating and decorating, cookies waiting to be jazzed up, sprinkles, swirl lollipops, and more fun touches.

Source: Jenny Cookies [9]

Pink, red, and white accents filled every corner of the house — window curtains included.

Source: Jenny Cookies [10]

The red-and-pink table was set up so little guests could enjoy sweets while they worked their magic.

Source: Jenny Cookies [11]

Heart-shaped cookies with arrows were waiting to be decorated.

Source: Jenny Cookies [12]

The Valentine's Day theme appeared in every detail, from the heart-shaped gumball machines to the mini mason jars with heart-shaped straws to red mailboxes stuffed with edible heart envelopes.

Source: Jenny Cookies [13]

The girls wore red aprons to keep from getting messy during the fun cookie decorating.

Source: Jenny Cookies [14]

The sweets station had guests seeing red: candies, cookies, and vintage Valentine's Day posters.

Source: Jenny Cookies [15]

Even the pizza fit in perfectly with the love-filled luncheon.

Source: Jenny Cookies [16]

Guests took home cute, small, red-and-white heart bags as party gifts.

Source: Jenny Cookies [17]

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