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Craft Love! 16 Valentine's Day Crafts For Tots

Feb 12 2014 - 3:16am

Arts and crafts with toddlers can be a bit messy — but lots of fun — and Valentine's Day [1] is the perfect occasion to create some heart-shaped projects with your little one. So break out the construction paper, glitter, paint, and glue and get creative with these 16 Valentine's Day crafts for tots.

Source: Sweet C's Designs [2]

Snow Globe Valentine

Make a valentine that they'll treasure forever. While Dandee Designs' snow globes [3] may seem complicated, they only require a few supplies that you can find around the house.

Source: Dandee Designs [4]

Heart Garland

Spread the love to every room in your home. Saved by Love Creations made an adorable garland [5] using colored paper, doilies, and some string.

Source: Saved by Love Creations [6]

Crayon Hearts

Is your craft drawer filled with broken crayons? Take a note from Mom Luck and turn them into festive drawing utensil [7].

Source: Mom Luck [8]

Sun Catchers

Lighten up your house with love. Mom vs. The Boys created these heart-shaped sun catchers [9] that you can keep up all year long.

Source: Mom vs. The Boys [10]

Confetti Paper Hearts

Shower them with love — literally! Sweet C's Designs' paper-filled hearts [11] are a great craft that can later be used as a classroom party favor.

Source: Sweet C's Designs [12]

3D Paper Hearts

For a Valentine's craft that doubles as a decoration, make some of Hossier Homemade's 3D hearts [13] to hang around the house.

Source: Hoosier Homemade [14]

Invisible Ink Message in a Bottle

Minieco's cool valentine involves some a secret message [15] written in lemon-juice invisible ink (heat it up to see what it says), paper hearts, and a tiny bottle. Lots of fun for the craft maker and the recipient!

Source: Minieco [16]

Valentine Heart Stamps

Work with what you've got! Paint and an empty roll of toilet paper are all you need for some stampin' valentine [17] fun with your lil one.

Source: Rust and Sunshine [18]

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Heart

A large-scale valentine version of the classic tic-tac-toe game [19] is a fun way to pass the time — and it's super easy to make!

Source: Alpha Mom [20]

Heart Punch Collage

Buy a heart punch [21]; gather up some magazines, old greeting cards, or craft paper; and punch away. You can glue your hearts directly onto a piece of card stock, but they look especially cool, almost like they're floating, when you first attach them to a small piece of foam.

Source: Ali Edwards [22]

Valentine's Handprint Craft

Give your lil one a hand! These creative valentines [23] are a breeze to make — just trace and cut from construction paper and then decorate. These make fun valentines for classmates!

Photo by Sang An. Copyright 2012. Reprinted from the book Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts (Clarkson Potter/Publishers) [24]

Stitched Heart Bookmarks

Felt hearts, white embroidery thread, paper clips, and a printable card [25] make for one adorable Valentine's Day gift.

Source: Thirty Handmade Days [26]

Footprint Heart Valentine's Day Keepsake

Little feet can be so sweet! Even if your little one is too small to actively participate in making a valentine card, they can still help mama make a special Valentine's Day memory. Create a keepsake valentine by imprinting your baby's feet [27] into a heart!

Source: Handprint and Footprint Art [28]

Button-Covered Heart Valentine

No one ever knows what to do with all of those leftover buttons, but you can put them to good use by making this adorable valentine heart. Just sort some buttons in the colors of your choice, swirl some glue on a craft paper heart [29], and start sticking!

Source: Hands on as We Grow [30]

Valentine's Day Potato Heart Stamps

Stamp it up! Kids love stamps, so make your own heart-shaped stamps [31] with a potato and some paint. Your kiddo can create art for the refrigerator or some valentines for a few special friends!

Source: Noe Place Like Home [32]

Conversation Heart Art

The crafty minds at The Decorated Cookie came up with the idea of gluing a pile of candy hearts to a painted-pink canvas to make a totally sweet piece of art [33].

Source: The Decorated Cookie [34]

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