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19 Lunch Ideas to Spread the Valentine's Love

Feb 12 2015 - 9:33am

The countdown to Valentine's Day [1] is on — and one of the things Mom can do to celebrate this love-filled day is make a special lunch for her tot. Whether you're packing a lunch box [2] or serving your little one at home, these 19 supersweet Valentine's Day lunch ideas will have your kiddo head over heels by lunchtime!

Source: Flickr user buzzymelibee [3]

Love Letter Bento Lunch

Seal it with a kiss! Your kiddo is sure to appreciate a lunch box love note that she can eat, too — like this lunch sandwich that looks like a love letter.

Source: Bento Mama [4]

I Heart You

A healthy lunch filled with love! Mini heart-shaped sandwiches, accompanied by three heart-shaped muffin cups (with heart cantaloupe, heart strawberries, and X and O cucumbers) give a Valentine's Day spin to a nutritious lunch.

Source: Bento Mama [5]

Tic-Tac-Toe Lunch

A sandwich is more than just a sandwich when it is also a game! This Valentine's Day-themed tic-tac-toe sandwich becomes fun with the addition of nori for the lines, Asiago cheese colored with a red food-safe marker for the hearts, and cheese for the X's and O's.

Source: Bento School Lunches [6]

Valentine's Day Pizza Lunch

A slice of love! Heart-shaped pepperoni — cut using small cookie cutters — are the perfect topping for a Valentine's Day pizza.

Source:One Charming Party [7]

Heart-Shaped Sandwich

Heart-shaped sandwich cutters — which you can purchase at your local grocery store — can turn your tot's everyday lunch into something a bit sweeter to fit the occasion. Halved strawberries — which look like hearts — and a heart-shaped muffin wrapper filled with heart-shaped candies make perfect sides for the main course!

Source: Lisa Storms [8]

Love Notes

Send your love via a sweet Valentine's Day-themed note in your tot's lunch. Chickabug's free printable notes [9].

Source: chickabug [10]

Breakfast For Lunch

For the kiddo who prefers breakfast over lunch, prepare a sweet meal they won't be able to resist. Heart-shaped pancakes, heart-shaped fruit, and strawberry yogurt make for a delicious breakfast-for-lunch lunch box idea!

Source: Lisa Storms [11]

Message in a Sandwich

Put all of those cookie cutters in your cabinet to use with a trio of "I heart u" sandwiches that will fill your tot's heart with joy when she opens her lunch box on Valentine's Day.

Source: Bento School Lunches [12]

Be Mine: Valentine's Day Lunch Box Idea

Fruit kebabs — made using plastic cupcake heart picks — and a sandwich with a heart stamp make a lovely Valentine's Day lunch box idea — and nutritious, too!

Source: Lisa Storms [13]

Jelly and Toast

Great for lunch or as an after-school snack! Heart-shaped toast and a little jelly or jam are an easy — and perfectly lovely — Valentine's Day lunch idea.

Source: Makes and Takes [14]

Love Lunch

This love-filled lunch works in heart-shaped sandwiches, fruit, and chips!

Source: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons [15]

A Love-Filled Lunch Box

Bento boxes continue to be all the rage — and why not? When they're filled with heart-shaped and love-themed sandwiches and fruit, the kids will love them!

Source: Flickr user buzzymelibee [16]


It's a truly simple gesture, but these heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are an easy way to add a little love to their lunch boxes.

Source: Crafterhours [17]

Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup

If the Valentine's Day forecast is anything like today, a cup (or thermos) of warm soup could be perfect! So why not top it off with a heart-shaped grilled cheese to celebrate the holiday?

Source: Ziggity Zoom [18]

A Hugs and Kisses Lunch

It's a hugs-and-kisses lunch affair with this kiss-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some tortillas, and a wedge of cheese.

Source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [19]

Heart-Shaped Wedge Salad With Bacon Hearts

Hearts upon hearts upon hearts! This heart-shaped wedge salad with bacon hearts [20] is a crisp way to say I love you!

Heart-Shaped Pitas With Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Whether served as an afternoon snack or as lunch itself, these heart-shaped pita chips with roasted red pepper hummus [21] will satisfy hungry bellies.

Fried Ravioli Hearts

Yum! These fried ravioli hearts [22] are a tasty indulgence on Valentine's Day — or any day of the week!

Chicken Soup With Heart-Shaped Carrots

Chicken noodle soup is a staple in many kids' diets — particularly this time of year. For Valentine's Day, kick it up a notch and give those carrots a lift by cutting them into hearts [23] for your little love.

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