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A Groovy Vintage Barbie Camping Party

Sep 7 2012 - 12:56pm

Maria of Love & Sugar Kisses [1] loves throwing a creative party, so when her daughter decided she wanted a Barbie-camping-themed sixth birthday bash, she didn't go the typical pink route.

"For Christmas, Angelina received a Barbie camping set and immediately asked for a Barbie camping party. Yes, she picks her party themes six months ahead (good girl)," Maria says. "She's not a super girlie girl, so I decided to put a fun spin on the theme and went with a '70s vintage vibe. It all started with this great find, a 1971 Barbie Country Camper!" Add in some far-out sweets and happening games, and you've got one groovy Barbie party (beautifully photographed by Wendy Updegraff [2]). Can you dig it?

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [3]

Angelina and Barbie

"I edited the copy of a '70s Barbie & Skipper Go Camping book that I bought on eBay," Maria says. "I printed it and displayed it inside a frame that I decorated with the chevron tape and wood grain printable paper."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [4]

Birthday Girl

Angelina prepared for her Barbie party. "I really wanted to give the party a girlie but 1970s feel, so I incorporated fun fabric patterns like paisley, bright colors (lots of yellow, aqua, and orange), and feathers," Maria says. "I also wanted to tie in the camping theme by using wood grain patterns and some natural elements like pine cones, tree stumps, and twigs. But keeping it 'Barbie Style,' I glittered and spray painted the heck out of it all!"

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [5]

Angelina Is 6!

A DIY [6] wreath with a feather-and-chevron bunting and a "6" welcomed guests to the party.

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [7]


"I found this kinda ugly frame at Goodwill, but loved the design," Maria says. "After some spray paint, printable wood grain paper, glitter letters, and feathers, of course, it was perfect to hang on my dessert table backdrop!"

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [8]

Dessert Table

"Our dessert table included awesome cookies from Bambella Cookie Boutique [9] made to look like the camper and delicious cake pops from Cuter Than Cake [10] decorated with feathers," Maria says. "I made s'mores on a stick and decorated Oreos with fondant with wood grain and feathers."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [11]

The Cake

Maria made the camping cake [12] herself. "For her cake, Angelina asked for a little girl inside of a tent. I thought the chevron was perfect for the '70s theme," Maria says. "I used feathers and wood grain on the fondant to tie in our party elements. Of course the little girl had to have a feather headband on! For the perfect finishing touch, I added a gorgeous mini cake bunting from the glitter queen, The Purple Pug [13], to my tree stump!"

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [14]

Pine Cone Garland

"I saw this pine cone garland [15], and it gave me the idea to make my garland," Maria says. "But I incorporated a fabric strip garland that I've seen and loved at so many parties out there! To give it that Barbie 'sparkle,' I added glitter. These pine cones were one of my favorite things and totally worth all the glitter that was stuck to my fingers for a few days!"

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [16]

Camper Cookies

Bambella Cookie Boutique [17] made camper cookies to look like the vintage Barbie version that inspired the party.

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [18]

Cake Pops

Chocolate and red velvet cake pops from Cuter Than Cake [19].

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [20]


Maria made the dipped Oreos decorated with wood grain fondant with feathers.

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [21]

S'mores on a Stick

This easy DIY [22] dessert was perfect for the camping party.

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [23]

Food Display

"The food and beverages were displayed on my built-in shelves," Maria says. "I decorated the shelf with camping items — lanterns, coolers, a camp coffee maker, and a camping pot.

"My daughter's favorite food is hot dogs, and along with chips, it was the perfect camping food! Instead of paper plates, I used tins. I used recycled cans, embellished with more of my printable wood grain paper and fabric strips to hold our utensils and straws. For drinks, we served juice for the kids and one of my favorite '70s sodas, Orange Nehi [24], for the adults."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [25]

Camping Banner Close-Up

"How awesome is the vintage camper 'Happy Camping' banner from Stampin' Fanatic [26]?" Maria says. "I love that ribbon and those campers are adorable!"

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [27]

Straws That Pop

Paper straws from The Sugar Diva [28].

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [29]

Birthday Goodies

"I made a lot of the party favors," Maria says. "The first thing I made were the feather hair clips, embellished backpacks, embellished canteens, and clip boards that I covered with more of the chevron duct tape. I dressed up some inexpensive frames with twigs and feathers to hold our party signs."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [30]

Barbie Adventure Hunt

"Our first party activity was to go on an adventure walk and look for certain items," Maria says. "Our guests ranged in age from 3 to 6 so I felt a scavenger hunt was going to be a bit much in the 98 degree summer heat! I used a free printable from Smashed Peas and Carrots [31] for our list of items and changed it up a little to fit our party."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [32]

Lunch by the Campfire

"After our walk, we cooled off and ate lunch around the campfire," Maria says. "I cut out pieces of fabric so each girl would have her spot."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [33]


"I sent our guests home with bags of trail mix, bubbles, and favor boxes," Maria says.

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [34]


Guests went home with bags of trail mix.

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [35]

Favor Boxes

"Piggy Bank Parties is known for their amazing favor boxes and these were no exception — detailed replicas of the Barbie Camper!" Maria says. "Inside the favor boxes were Barbie stickers, some flavored Chapstick, and bottle cap necklaces that my daughters made."

Source: Love & Sugar Kisses [36]

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