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A High-Flying Vintage Kite Party

Jun 19 2014 - 6:44am

When asked to plan a kite-themed party for 3-year-old Eliza, Katie Mast of Katie Rebecca Events [1] knew exactly what to do.

"I wanted to create the story of flying kites in the park with your friends," the San Francisco party planner says. After finding the perfect outdoor location, Katie and her team went to work creating cloud-, sun-, and sky-inspired decorations, and enlisted the help of some local bakers to whip up tasty treats. Despite all the prep work, however, there was a last-minute addition to the party.

"At the last second, Eliza's mom said she was totally into the Where's Waldo books, so we decided to hide little Waldos throughout the paper goods for Eliza to find," Katie says. "There were only five of them, so she really had to hunt."

Scroll through to see all the fun elements and treats tucked into this vintage kite party.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [2]

You're Invited

Eliza's mom only insisted on one thing for her daughter's party — the invitations must be shaped like kites. Katie created these invitations herself, and even attached a ribbon to make them look more authentic.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [3]

The Location

Katie spotted this vintage red barn at the Koret Children's Quarter in San Francisco and decided it would be the perfect party location.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [4]

A Picnic Lunch

To create a "fun family atmosphere," Katie turned the party into a minipicnic. She enlisted The Party Garden [5] to create paper lunch boxes for guests, and set up picnic tables in front of the barn so parents and children could dine together.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [6]

Ice-Cold Lemonade

While the tots sipped on milk, adults were given lemonade. Katie distinguished the two by placing paper clouds on the milk jugs and suns on the lemonade bottles.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [7]

Accent Pieces

Little elements, like wooden numbers and paper flowers, added to the party's quaint atmosphere.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [8]

Monogrammed Utensils

Katie turned to Painting Paris Pink [9] to create these wooden forks, which were decorated with the guest of honor's initial.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [10]

Good Eats

To make the barn the focal point of the party, Katie placed the food and dessert tables off to the side.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [11]

Tasty Lunch

Guests were served turkey pinwheels and fresh vegetables.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [12]

Cute Cake Pops

Sweet Lauren Cakes [13] provided the cake pops, which were decorated to look like kites flying in the sky.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [14]

Pick a Pop

To make the dessert table more fun, Katie placed the treats in fake grass to create the illusion that they were growing from the ground.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [15]

Pie Pops

Rather than serve pie in a dish, Sweet Lauren Cakes [16] whipped up some adorable pies on sticks.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [17]

Cloud and Sun Cookies

Simple sugar cookies were shaped to look like clouds and suns.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [18]

Kite Cookies

Katie also served kite-shaped cookies, which were decorated with the party's colors of aqua and barn red.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [19]

Hand-Sewn Decor

"The handmade kite and clouds we made for Eliza were hands down the sweetest decor," Katie says of her DIY [20] decorations. She also created the glittery banner, which hung on the barn.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [21]

Birthday Tart

Katie opted for a berry tart as the main dessert rather than the traditional cake. She felt this would emphasize the party's picnic theme.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [22]

Goody Boxes

Guests left the party with berry boxes filled with a cookie, a blueberry cupcake, and a mini paint kit.

Source: Katie Rain Photography [23]

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