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Warning on Baby Orajel

Mommy Alert! Baby Orajel Can Cause Breathing Difficulties

Teething can be a nightmare for parents and toddlers alike. Many moms rely on products like Ambesol or Baby Orajel to get them through those droolish teary moments. Before stocking up on those "soothers," think again.

I recently received an email detailing a scary incident involving a mother who used Baby Orajel to soothe her tot's tooth pain. What she experienced was terrifying and all too common. After placing a dab of the numbing gel on her son's gums, her son stopped breathing, turned blue, and became limp.

To see what happened to the young lad,


Frantically, the mother and father began trying to revive the youngster. On his own, he finally snapped out of it and started crying hysterically. After spending the night in the hospital undergoing tests, the parents spoke with their pediatrician who advises her patients not to use the products as it can get into an infant's throat, causing them to stop breathing.

Similarly, the child's daycare workers and other moms have reported the same type incidents. Have you ever heard of this happening to children?

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