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5 Ways to Avoid Kid-Interrupted Sex

Jul 16 2016 - 8:32am

Every parent fears that Modern Family moment [1] where the kids walk in on them having sex. According to sex therapist and GoodinBed.com [2] contributor Dr. Ian Kerner, once you have children, couples should still have a healthy sex life. "You need to kind of develop a sex schedule that works within your baby's schedule. That means being a lot more creative and maybe doing it in the morning, or having a quickie in the afternoon. Where there's a will there's certainly a way, but you have to be creative!"

Read through for some of Dr. Kerner's tips for keeping busy without the tots ruining the mood!

Lock Your Door

"It’s also important for parents to put a simple lock or latch on your door because so many are worried about interruptions."

Turn on the TV

"I think there’s nothing wrong with putting your kid in a bouncy seat or in front of an iPad [3] for a half an hour while you have a really fun quickie."

Hire a Babysitter

"Getting a babysitter and having her take your kid out for an hour is sometimes all you need!"

Shower Off!

Once your lil one is in a routine, get up before her in the morning and head to the shower. Sex in in the shower is clean, the sound of the water masks what you're doing, and when you're done, you're a step ahead in your preparation for the day!

Turn Down the Monitor

"I think it’s OK to turn off the baby monitor or turn it down for 15 minutes. Studies show that for women to enjoy sex and have an orgasm, the parts of the female brain that are associated with stress, anxiety, and worry have to deactivate and shut down. So when you have a baby monitor and you hear the baby move or gurgle, it takes you right out of the moment. Men and women need to do things that allow you to get into the moment. Turning off the monitor for a half hour is one of them."

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