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7 Unique Ways to Save Baby's First Lock of Hair

Mar 26 2014 - 7:53am

Baby's first haircut is a milestone that can happen when a child is months old or years down the line. But eventually the scissors come out, and the tears start to flow — and not just from your little one! Most moms commemorate the experience by tucking a lock of their tot's hair into an envelope, but there are other ways to commemorate the big moment. Here, adorable and even a few fashion-forward ways to hold on to your child's hair.

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Bottle Necklace

For a more personalized piece [2] ($30), add your child's name and the date of his first haircut to the piece of paper.


For a more traditional option, try these customized satchels [3] ($20) that come with a cute comb and record card.

Pill Box

Store your little one's locks in this vintage-inspired, hand-painted pill box [4] ($5)


It may not shine bright like a diamond, but this fashion-forward ring [5] ($195) is a great way to hold on your to your child's first curl.

Sun Catcher

Let your baby's first lock shimmer in a window by having it encased in a glass sun catcher [6] ($42).

Drawstring Bag

Keep saving the treasured tress simple by tucking it into a barbershop bag [7] ($5).


Whether it's worn as a pin or necklace, this pendant [8] ($59) is a subtle way to wear your child's locks.

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