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Lights, Camera, Baby! 10 First-Year Moments Worthy of Filming

Feb 26 2013 - 6:36am

These days, anyone with a smartphone can become an amateur cinematographer, and we can't imagine a better subject than your little bundle of joy! During the first year of baby's life, every day is going to bring about change that seems worthy of documentation. Rather than spend his or her entire infancy hitting the record button, use these 10 must-remember moments as a guide for the times that you should definitely have your phone or video camera at the ready. Baby, you're a star!

Hospital Time

While the thought of a camera at the hospital may conjure up thoughts of graphic childbirth reels, we say, wait to start filming until after baby's born — and once Mom's (relatively) comfortable. Those sweet first moments of parents meeting their new addition are absolutely priceless.

Source: Flickr user Casey David [1]

Baby Baths

Whether you record your newborn's reaction to his very first bath or an older baby splashing and smiling, bath time is prime for filming — and a great way to embarrass your child some 18 years down the road!

Tummy Time

Be sure to get some footage of your new baby bopping around on his belly. It's a great way to capture early facial expressions, movements, and favorite first toys.

Source: Flickr user dryfish [2]

First Friends

For the first few months, placing your baby side by side with a peer won't yield much of a reaction — but it sure is cute! The juxtaposition of this early footage and that of older babies sharing toys and interacting is pretty amazing.

Source: Flickr user naoyafujii [3]

First Foods

Babies' first reactions to solid food are nothing short of hilarious. They're likely to be confused, surprised, and, depending on the child, either delighted or horrified. While one parent has a spoon in hand, make sure the other has a camera.

Time With Mom and Dad

One complaint that many parents have is that they spend too much time behind the camera and don't have enough photos of themselves interacting with their babies. Be sure to capture both Mom and Dad holding and playing with baby.

Source: Flickr user Adam Sacco Photography [4]

The Nursery

In addition to holidays, vacations, and other momentous first-year occasions, be sure to record your baby's time in his "natural habitat" — the nursery. It's likely that you spent a lot of time shopping for and decorating this special space, so make sure that it's captured for posterity.

Source: Michele Beckwith Photography [5]


Once your little one is walking and running around, it'll be almost impossible to believe that they were at one point moving on all fours. Record at least a few minutes of your little crawler on the move.

Source: Flickr user courosa [6]


Witnessing your baby's first laughs is an incredible experience. What could be more rewarding than seeing the little person who you've been nurturing for months express her joy?

Source: Flickr user tofslie [7]

The First Birthday

Whether you celebrate baby's birthday with a blowout soiree or a quiet family night at home, commemorate the night on film — the first year is a big deal!

Source: Style Me Gorgeous [8]

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