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13 Things Overheard at Moms' Night Out

Mar 29 2016 - 4:45am

Moms' night out is one of those rites of passage that happens once, well, you're a mom. To a non-mom, it may sounds kind of silly, but believe me, these nights out with a bunch of other likeminded ladies are lifesavers. Don't knock it before you try it — having adult conversations with women who understand what being a mom is all about (and how hard it can be) is worth it's weight in babysitter fees. My husband always asks me what goes on during one of my "lady outings" (as he so lovingly refers to them), so I came up with a few things that can almost always be heard during any mom's night out.

Source: Flickr user Jan Willem van Wessel [1]

"I'll drive."

Long gone are the days when you had to beg someone to be the designated driver. Moms are just looking to get out of the house, which means someone is always willing to skip the booze and drive . . . especially if she's trying to hide a pregnancy.

Source: Flickr user zenjazzygeek [2]

"Who wants to share a bottle?"

Just like most folks headed to a night out, mamas like to let loose with a few drinks. The best part is that moms almost always arrive prepared with a designated driver (see number one).

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"Sorry, I'm late! My child was freaking out when I left."

All the more reason for you to have a night out, mama. Don't look back, and try to enjoy yourself.

Source: Flickr user David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott [4]

"Let's try not to talk about our kids."

Let's be honest: this never happens, but it always seems like a good idea.

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"I really needed this — it's been a long week."

This usually comes from the mama whose kids are sick, sleep training, potty training, or just simply 3 years old.

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"I'm just so tired."

While you just may be preaching to the choir, sister, this choir will totally sing your praises for making it out (and order you a coffee).

Source: Flickr user Gareth Williams [7]

"I'm starving."

She forgot to eat today or hasn't had a nice meal out in ages — regardless, there is always someone in the group who is absolutely famished and ready to get her grub on.

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"I already ate."

Opposite the starving mama is the one who already ate. With her kids. At 5 o'clock. But that won't stop her from having her rare night out, so she'll just have a drink — and everyone else totally gets it.

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"What would you do about _____?"

Sleep issues, behavior problems, school woes, husband issues . . . you name it — it can get ironed out at a moms' night out.

Source: Flickr user Jan Willem van Wessel [10]

"Why do I have 10 missed calls?"

It's not a moms' night out unless someone misses calls and texts from the person at home with the kiddos (usually the spouse) about everything from lost blankies to help with the nighttime routine. It's not unusual for someone to check their phone only to realize that you can take the mom away from the kids, but you can't take the kids away from the mama.

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"Can you believe what my spouse did?"

Contrary to popular belief, moms' night out is not an all-out bitch fest, but you can bet that someone in the group has some feelings to get off her chest about something silly (and totally relatable) that her husband did. It usually relates to the kids, and it's usually pretty funny.

Source: Flickr user Garry Knight [12]

"I'm going to order something to go for my husband."

On the flip side, there is always a super-nice mama in the group who orders her man food to go, knowing that the bowl of cereal he fixed himself probably didn't cut it.

Source: Flickr user Yusmar Yahaya [13]

"I can't make it."

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is always a mom (or two) who has to cancel at the last minute. Maybe it's a sick tot or a husband who couldn't get out of work in time, but there is always one cancellation in the group — and the best part is that everyone totally gets it and there are no hard feelings.

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