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What Mothers Should Know Before They Have Babies

The Thing Women Wish They Had Known Before Motherhood

Motherhood is a bag of surprises! Once a woman has a child there are all kinds of sentiments she wishes she could have told her former self. I asked Lil's Twitter and Facebook mamas what the one thing they would have loved to have known. Their replies ranged from sweet to hilarious, here's what they said:

  • How awesome it would be. I put off motherhood until I felt more "ready for it" not knowing it was the best thing I would ever do. — Susan W.
  • How much free time I was wasting! — @whodemis
  • Nothing, however I do wish I had worn a bikini without a T-shirt over it more often and taken pictures! That's one thing I have always said. No regrets though I love my kids and don't regret a single moment of the last 10 years. I've always said "If I wasn't meant to do anything else in this world I know one thing for sure, I was meant to be a mom!" — Anna J.
  • That my house will never be clean again. — @ childe_herald
  • That there is nothing that can prepare you for the love that you feel for your child. Nothing. It is a flood that you are more than happy to drown in. — Samantha W.
  • How heart breaking it can be when they become teenagers. —Olena L.
  • That it's so much fun! People gave so much logistical advice about taking care of the kid, but had no idea we'd have so much fun! — @RoryElizabeth
  • That your body will never be the same again. Selfish tidbit, but it's one aspect I didn't realize. — Darlene C.
  • How expensive it really is. — @kikiandkyle

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  • We had some alarming but uncertain prenatal test results, so I wish I had known that our little boy was healthy all along so we could have enjoyed my pregnancy without so much anxiety. Eternally grateful for our healthy and happy little boy! — Olena L.
  • That you would never be able to do anything without your little one tagging along...Even peeing!!— @kickitykickball
  • Nothing! Motherly instincts come very natural to real moms. It's such a blessing being a Mom. — Alison D.
  • I won't always be able to know what's wrong and why he's crying! — @TotallyTypeA
  • That people were not kidding when they said I would never sleep well again. — @marajill
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