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What is the Time Limit on Thank You Notes?

What Is the Time Limit on Thank-You Notes?

Once baby arrives, the gifts start pouring in. In the early days, the UPS man practically needs a dolly to cart the packages to your door. You open the goodies, coo over all of the adorable outfits, put the cards in a pile on the table and say you will write the thank-you notes once the lil one goes down for a nap. One nap turns into two and three and before you know it, days have passed and the pile of cards has grown even larger.

Friends and family of new parents are usually very forgiving, understanding that between middle of the night feedings, non-stop diaper changes and constant laundry, there is little time to sit down and formally write a note or return a call. Emily Post says that notes should be written as soon as possible, and even if they seem late, they should still be sent because, "A late note is always better than no note at all."

How long did you take to send out the bulk of your baby's thank-you notes?


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snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 6 years
took me a month and a half this time, i was waiting for the birth announcement to send them together
Sarana Sarana 6 years
I don't know anyone that sends thank you notes, maybe it's a North American thing? But my country is small so people come over to see the baby and give the gift and than you thank them immediately in person. No need for sending notes.
runningesq runningesq 6 years
Anon, if I am going to send a gift, I'd like a TY note. and FWIW, I keep some of them and recycle the rest. And I think new moms should, of course, get a couple months grace, but they should be sent !
Relli80 Relli80 6 years
I had my shower about 6 weeks after my child was born so the thank you cards went out in splashes, a few here and there. It took me two months but i got them all out and then at Christmas sent out a card with his picture to everyone who gave us something for the baby. It was a lot of work but everyone was very generous.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
i feel like with a baby, there's a little extra time that should be built in because you obviously have extra responsibilities and life is crazy hectic....the "rule" for wedding thankyou notes is a year apparently and i find that ridiculous...if someone send me a thankyou note 11 months later i'd be thinking they were insanely crazy/lazy but i think 6 months to a year after having a baby it's understandable...and i agree, better late than never...most other moms/women would understand
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