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The Mommy After: 10 Postpartum Body Surprises

Oct 5 2016 - 1:56pm

They say females are the stronger sex because we can birth babies. But, are women warriors because they deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy and labor or because they can look in the mirror after delivery and deal with its physical aftermath? There are lucky mothers who end up with amazing postpartum bods, but the masses have reflections that are a far cry from their prebaby physiques. Check out some of the common surprises.

Body Shape

Motherhood can turn an apple into a pear or a skinny "boy" bod into that of a mushy mommy. Ladies may lose all the weight, but the parts shift and don't necessarily fall back into the same places.

Saggy, Baggy Belly

Even for a skinny minnie, excess skin and that last bit of belly blubber can be impossible to burn.

Deflated-Balloon Boobs

Women liken their post-breastfeeding breasts to folding pancakes into a bra. And going without wire support after having an infant or two is near impossible.

The Pouch

Mothers aren't marsupials, but after baby, many ladies carry a bit of a pouch. For some, it's an inevitable curve of the stomach.

Back Fat

A toned back may end up with little tufts of fat after the expectant phase. And certain undergarments tend to emphasize them.

Stretch Marks

While stretch and burn is a normal part of pregnancy, stretch marks tend to stick around after baby makes its debut. Some lines tattoo themselves on bellies, thighs, and boobs.


Gaining and losing weight can have a ripply side effect. Thighs and rears are two popular areas where the cottage cheese deposits collect.

Varicose Veins

Even long-legged ladies aren't immune to spider veins after the bodily pressures of pregnancy.

Flat Tush

While the expectant phase can cause a belly to swell, it can also lead to the loosening of a lady's tight end. Mom jeans were made infamous for showcasing flattened rears.

Lady-Parts Relocated

Severe tears and subsequent stitches can cause a relocation of lady parts.

Your Best Asset

Though moms may believe their figures have gone south after they bear children, most say the baby makes up for any physical flaw and becomes a woman's best asset.

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