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What's Your Opinion on Universal Pre-K?

What's Your Opinion on Universal Pre-K?

Advocates including President Barack Obama believe every child deserves the opportunity to begin school early with universal Pre-K. Opponents say it's a waste of taxpayer's dollars in these tough economic times. Where do you stand on this educational issue?

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mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
As someone who will be sending my children to private school, why should I be paying for the rest of the world to send their children to pre-k when they don't even have to go. Basically, I will be paying for someone elses babysitter?
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
2 of my children went to pre-k and 2 did not. The ones that did not go were not behind in their development, nor were the ones who did go that far ahead in their development either. I pesronally haven't seen a huge benefit to pre-k.
Just-Oh Just-Oh 7 years
Terrible idea, we need to let our children be children. They'll be students from K-12 and perhaps beyond. Instituting "universal" pre-K means reducing choices for families because privately run day-care and pre-K will be put out of business. Then we'll be left with the same inefficient monopoly government has on the rest of the education system.
TwistandShout TwistandShout 7 years
I never went to pre-K and I turned out fine... I always assumed that pre-K was an optional extra year of schooling, useful for working parents (like mine) who didn't have the time to spend with their kids to teach them their alphabet and colors. btw, I did not mean for that to seem judgmental or rude and I'm sorry if it came off that way... With that said, why are we essentially trying to add another grade to the public education system? Honestly, if we're going to improve education, we need to start with the grades we already have. I still don't know my times tables off the top of my head because I was never made to learn them. I still can't remember what I even learned in fourth grade because my teacher was a storyteller, not a teacher. Education is the hardest place to reform because it requires manpower that just isn't there. It takes guts to become and stay a teacher. Universal pre-K? No thanks. I'm already a slave to the US public education system with the 12 years I've had.
emo_stacer emo_stacer 7 years
even if we try to give all children an equal chance at education there will not be an equal result/outcome...
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 7 years
I also don't see why we would ever believe that the government can do this better than what's already offered. If this does happen, the fairest option would be a vouchers.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 7 years
I don't even see how it would be feasible given this economy. Priorities. How about not saddling these kids with debt. That would be compassionate.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
probably a good idea to offer it, but it shouldn't be mandatory. my girls wanted to go and enjoyed it. but i have a friend who didn't send any of her 3 kids and they all did fine. they didn't want to go and she was able to provide a learning environment at home. but lets face it, not every home is an ideal pre-k set up.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 7 years
I picked 'other' as my choice because I don't believe in UPK at all, no matter the circumstance. I rather like the idea of a competitive market vying for my child's attendance. Take that away and you'll just have the cruddy public education system we currently have. Plus, I also don't believe that preschool is really necessary for most; It's a fun, social thing for kids to do. Some may learn their ABC's and how to count to 10 or more by the time they are kindergarten, but some won't and in the end everything evens out as they get older. Why not let kids enjoy themselves at 3, 4 and 5 years old instead of hoping to make them Einsteins.
beansandsyke beansandsyke 7 years
pft. i think its important to socialize kids early bring them to an enviroment where its not all about them
techkim techkim 7 years
first it doesn't save daycare because it is only 2 to 3 days a week 3 hours a day. If you work you still have to find childcare AND transportation. SOrry I am not one for it and I am a preschool teacher.
macgirl macgirl 7 years
How about smaller class sizes? This is my sons first year having the bigger class sizes and I can see the toll it is taking on his teacher. Having 34 kids in a class just makes them harder to control. He's doing fine as he is very smart but I would imagine if he wasn't it would make a difference in the quality of education.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 7 years
I'd personally rather see that funding be put into making the existing required grades more effective.
notinthemood notinthemood 7 years
The government doesn't pay... taxpayers do. I don't have enough faith in the public school system to mandate that kids be subject to another year. More time in school doesn't automatically equal a smarter kid. More time spent by the parents to ensure their kid is learning something would, though. I think asking parents to make the investment in their kids should come before asking the general population to invest in someone else's kids.
Sarana Sarana 7 years
Parent's should be able to decide if they want to send their children to pre-K. Personally I think children will have to go to school for so many years, let their first years be school free. Once the government start paying the chance is that is becomes compulsory.
jessielynn657 jessielynn657 7 years
also the parents spend less on childcare.
ladygrace ladygrace 7 years
If you're going to invest in education for the future, this is the place to do it. You get more return on investment through Pre-K than any other educational spending.
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