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Why Wait?! 7 Reasons Siblings Love Being Close in Age

Jun 2 2014 - 6:44am

If you have a baby in your arms and can't stop thinking about number two, you're not alone! Lots of families choose to have their kids close together (including a number of celebs [1]), and there are plenty of perks to having back-to-back babes. Keep reading to find out seven reasons why kids love being close in age to their brothers and sisters.

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [2]

Two Words: Instant Playmates

When they're close in age, your kids are able to play together as friends. They don't even need to leave the comfort of home sweet home to find a partner in crime for everything from finger painting to playing board games to warming up before a baseball game.

Source: Flickr user Yogesh Kumar Jaiswal [3]

They Learn Compassion From an Early Age

While mom and dad may feel just a touch of guilt for springing a newborn upon a young toddler, the early lessons in empathy, compassion, and even responsibility will prove invaluable for the rest of his life.

Source: Flickr user Brad [4]

They Get Sibling Rivalry Out of the Way Early

A child who becomes a big brother or sister as a toddler will never remember what it was like to be on their own. Sure, there'll be some growing pains as everyone adjusts, but they're likely to get those silly sibling tiffs over and done with in the first few years.

Source: Flickr user Alexander N [5]

Everyone Needs a Sidekick For the Awkward Years

The junior high years can be a challenging phase in an adolescent's social life. While friends come and go during these transitional years, a brother or sister is forever. And the closer they are in age, the more they'll relate to whatever tough time the other is going through.

Source: Flickr user Dave Goehring [6]

They Want to Do the Same Things on Family Vacations

Mom won't have to figure out the logistics of squeezing in a travel stroller for one kid, car games for another, and a family-friendly soundtrack for the eldest. Instead, a brood that's close in age means a backseat alliance (for better or for worse!).

Source: Flickr user Ben Francis [7]

They Always Have Someone to Share Their Secrets With

Having a built-in confidante for secrets big and small is simply invaluable.

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [8]

They're Experts at Sharing

Having to share favorite toys, books, and clothes comes with the territory of having a sibling that's just a year or two apart from you. A child who's comfortable sharing with his brother or sister is that much more likely to be great at sharing with friends, classmates, and eventually roommates and significant others.

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [9]

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