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Why Every Mom Needs a Best Friend

Jun 8 2014 - 7:11am

As moms, our family is our number-one priority. This means things like TV shows, trips to the gym, and even personal hygiene sometimes take a backseat to the needs of our partners and children. One thing you should never sacrifice, however, is friendships — especially the one with your BFF. Whether she's a fellow mom [1] or free from children [2], a best friend knows you better than anyone, making her your strongest support system. She is the one person who won't judge you and will always reassure you that everything will be all right. In honor of National Best Friend Day, here are 18 reasons why every mom should be thankful for the special gal pal in her life.

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You Have Someone to Vent To

Source: 20th Century Fox [4]

They Have Some of the Same Interests

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And Even a Few Common Enemies

Source: NBC [6]

They Know How to Turn a Bad Day Around

Source: Bravo [7]

They Make Playdates a Lot Easier

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They Tell You You're Right When No One Else Does

Source: AMC [9]

But Aren't Afraid to Disagree With You

Source: NBC [10]

They Understand If You're Too Busy to Talk

Source: ABC Family [11]

They Give You an Excuse to Have a Much-Needed Girls Night

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You Can Turn to Them For Advice

They Give You Their Hand-Me-Downs

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They Reassure You That You're an Amazing Mom, Wife, and Person

Source: The CW [14]

They Lend a Hand When You Don't Have Enough

Source: CBS [15]

They Celebrate the Good Times

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And Help You Through the Tough Times

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You'll Have Someone to Spend Time With When the Kids Are Grown

Source: NBC [18]

They Understand That Life's a Little Crazy

But They Still Come Along For the Ride

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