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13 Signs You Need a Moms' Night Out

Jul 25 2015 - 2:22pm

We wouldn't trade our kids for anything or anyone — even these cute TV tots [1] — but every once in a while we need a night off from baby food, baths, and bedtime stories. Unfortunately mom guilt [2] gets the best of us and makes us think we need to stay in another night. Well you thought wrong. While you shouldn't have to justify a night on the town, here are 13 reasons you must arrange a girls' night ASAP!

Source: Bravo [3]

You no longer associate red and white with wine but with fruit snacks.

Source: NBC [4]

The only way you get "me time" is by locking yourself in the bathroom.

Source: Universal Pictures [5]

The last time you dressed up, it involved a tiara, a princess dress, and your 3-year-old.

Source: NBC [6]

Your friends leave messages, begging to see you.

Source: Lions Gate [7]

You can't remember the last time you sat down to eat.

Your children’s social calendars are more filled than yours.

Source: ABC [8]

You are only ever called "mom," "mommy," or "mother."

Source: FOX [9]

Everything you know about your friends’ lives, you learned on social media.

Source: ABC [10]

This is the only song you know.

The only adults in your life are the ones on Sesame Street.

Source: PBS [11]

Photos of your friends cause you to tear up.

Source: Universal Pictures [12]

You actually want to wear high heels.

Because you deserve it, damn it!

Source: FOX [13]

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