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If You Cut My Hair You'll Break My Heart! (PHOTO)

If You Cut My Hair You'll Break My Heart! (PHOTO)

If You Cut My Hair You'll Break My Heart! (PHOTO)

Does your child know how to work you? We chuckled when we saw this protest letter written by the 9-year-old daughter of Milwaukee mom Julie Larsen. Larsen's daughter protests an upcoming haircut by questioning her parents' love for her, and even illustrates the point with images of her "broken heart" and "buckets of tears."

See the note (Huffington Post)

Would you make your child to get a haircut against her wishes?

Image Source: Via The Huffington Post

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IleanaPrado IleanaPrado 5 years
@Cathy Peyton I read ur comment here and just wanted to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have a 5 Yr old son and he's also never had a haircut. His hair is also to his waist. He doesn't wanna cut it and im ok with that! I'd Like for him to get a haircut but don't want to force him!!
MarandaMikulenka MarandaMikulenka 5 years
Would anyone accept this from a 9 yr old boy, whom has ling hair and needs a hair cut? What's the difference? We don't know the whole story, maybe she just needs to get a few inches removed to make it more healthy.
BessAngello BessAngello 5 years
I have read every comment and I agree with the people that state- let her keep her hair! It's not about control it's about freedom to be who you want to be. Revel in the fact this young lady is assertive and expressive and not afraid to communicate with you about her feelings!! Let her have her hair teach her to care for it!! Long hair is beautiful and worth the time to care for it. She is NOT manipulating you she is pleading, the only way she knows how! It's about communication NOT control!! I have an 11 year old he likes his long hair and the stipulation is take care of it & you can keep it long !! Mine is past my bottom, it hits the back of my thighs, so I understand the long hair quest!! Love her and teach her!!!
GinaBriles GinaBriles 5 years
Some say this girl is practicing manipulation, and to an extend I agree. However, she obviously has a strong opinion and is expressing it in an appropriate way. Melodramatic, certainly, but most 9-year-old girls are fairly melodramatic. Yes, Mom and Dad have final say as the parents, and this little girl needs to be clear as to who is in charge. That said, when it comes to small things, like the length of her hair, shouldn't she feel she has some input? Personally, I wan't my daughter to learn that her opinions matter, that she has the power to (gradually, as appropriate) make her own decisions and shape her own life, and that being assertive can get her what she wants in life. I don't want her to feel frustrated and powerless. I want her to feel comfortable fighting for the things that matter to her. Were I her mom, I think I'd sit her down and first compliment her on expressing herself in an appropriate way. She didn't throw a fit (that I know of) or go into histronics. She wrote a letter. Next, I'd let her know that Mom and Dad make the final decision and let on to her that I saw through her manipulative tactics, and that manipulation wasn't going to be effective. That said, I'd say that I didn't realize how strongly she felt, and that perhaps we should make the decision together. Work with her to come up with a compromise that meets everyone's needs. If her hair is too tangled and straggly long, maybe we could agree to trimming off a couple inches. Tell her why the trim is needed (to keep her hair healthy, make it easier for her to care for, make it look silkier). Great opportunity to show her she can make herself heard, reward her when she does so appropriately, and teach her about problem-solving and negotiation. Just MHO.
CarolynWalker96630 CarolynWalker96630 5 years
What would be the point in forcing her to get her hair cut? Just to show you can force your will upon her because you're the parent?? No thanks, that's not the type of relationship I want with my girls, personally. They know I'm the Mom, I don't have to prove it by forcing something so utterly optional on them.
Emilys-Mum Emilys-Mum 5 years
Poor little thing! I don't understand why her parents are forcing her to get a hair cut! Maybe she just likes how it looks the way it is, maybe she just doesn't like having strangers touch her. I think that the parents should just let her have her hair as she wants and be thankful that she wants her her to look natural. They will be in for a big surprise someday, when she hits puberty and demands a purple mohawk, or a buzz cut!
CoMMember13608852055583 CoMMember13608852055583 5 years
Nine years old? That is more than old enough to know how to work your parents - and boy is she workin' it! "Buckets of my tears"?! Behavior like this might be cute at 4 or 5, but this little girl needs a reality check as to who runs the show.
JulieBensonGrant JulieBensonGrant 5 years
Adorable? I don't think so. If they allowed her to manipulate them, then they should expect to see her use this technique again and again: "You don't love me if you don't let me have my way about everything." Kids learn how to manipulate us if we don't teach them otherwise. She won't be hurt or traumatized because her hair is cut. I know there had to be things that I was certain would scar me for life when I was a kid and damned if I can recall a single one now. In my humble opinion, I think parents need to put their foot down and follow through with their plan. Be her parents instead of her 'friends' or 'enabler'. Next week she will be using the tactic to get out of eating her vegetables or taking a shower or going to school.
AmberBlethen AmberBlethen 5 years
I'm a hairstylist and a mother of a 7 year old boy. No I would never force him to get a haircut. I've seen it done too many times and it traumatizing. It seems like a punishment. For girls, if you start them out by brushing their hair every night and morning then as they get older they won't mind brushing out tangles. Im just totally against forcing haircuts.
CathyPeyton CathyPeyton 5 years
No, I wouldn't make a child cut their hair unless they refused to care for it. My 6 yr old son has never had a hair cut, and I don't see him getting one in the near future. It's down to his waist.
CaseySmithWasManuel CaseySmithWasManuel 5 years
I had a similar problem with My 9 year old, It needed to be cut! it grows back healthier! yes i Insisted that her hair get cut, when she didn't want it to be cut if you want to say i forced her i can deal with it, I am her mum, I know whats best for her! I am the Adult in the relationship and yes in the end what i say goes!! the end result is i now have a 9 year old that can brush her own hair, and she LOVES the independence of being able to do her own hair.... PS i am also making my 9 year old sweep the dinning room floor! so let me have it now!
AnnWard53037 AnnWard53037 5 years
I think it's cute for her to express her feelings. I have a 8 almost 9 years old daughter who loves her long hair so much. I trimmed it two weeks ago and she didn't mind. The fact is, long hair gets tangled easily and so difficult to wash and brush it smoothly. She accepted this and agreed to have it cut a little bit shorter to make it healthier. Less tangle, easy to comb and make her own style...If this girl has a problem having her hair cut, then let her deal with the tangle and messy bad hair day, she will change her mind.
ArielR22030 ArielR22030 5 years
This reminds me of when I was about 5... I was mad at my parents for some reason but they wouldn't let me get away with voicing my feelings. So that night I wrote a note that said "Mom and dad, I don't like you!" and put it on their bed before I went to sleep. That night I heard them showing it to a friend and laughing about it and saying they were proud of me for being able to write at my age. I was just happy I wasn't in trouble haha....
SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 5 years
Why would you try and force a 9 year old to cut her hair?
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