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You Know You're a Mother When: Throw Up

You Know You're a Mother When: Throw Up

My lil guy was congested and curled up against me the other night as he fell asleep. He started hacking and seemed to have trouble breathing so I picked him up and headed down the hall to recline on the sofa and allow him some relief lounging at an angle. But, halfway there the poor kid choked a bit and everything came up — all over me. It landed on my head, face, in my hair, across my hoodie and sweatpants.

As my son shook, I held him tighter to calm him and slipped out of the soiled clothes and into a dry towel so I could coax him back into a sound slumber. Then, I headed to the shower. It's funny how motherhood makes for a strong stomach and gives women a high tolerance for things that would otherwise make them queasy. Is there anything your child does that you can't handle?

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