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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Your Child's First Relationship

Jan 10 2017 - 4:23am

After years of teasing them about a schoolboy (or girl) crush, your child has finally found love. Or, at least, the tween definition of it. Whether you found out from them or their Facebook relationship status, you aren't quite sure how to feel about the big news. On the one hand, you're excited for them to experience all the things that come with having a boyfriend or girlfriend — the first date, first dance, first kiss. At the same time, you're scared to see them deal with relationship downfalls — the first fight, the first breakup, the first heartbreak.

It's definitely a mixed bag, but we have the emotional breakdown to help you get through your child's first relationship (and all the ones that will follow).

You beg for details on the new boy or girl.

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To which you receive a snarky, unsatisfying response.

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When it's time for their first date, you get excited.

You're finally getting a glimpse at their guy or gal!

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You remind them to behave as they leave the car.

You're all smiles, until you see this . . .

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And this!

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Suddenly, you find yourself snooping a little more than usual.

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You eavesdrop when they're on the phone.

And try not to squeal when you hear them say, "I love you."

You master the art of barging in to closed rooms.

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After a few months, you decide to have "the talk" with your child.

Which is awkward, but successful.

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Despite all your concerns, you are happy that your child is happy and in love.

Until the breakup.

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That's when your mama claws come out.

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You console them, and remind them there will be others.

"There's plenty of fish in the sea."

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Soon enough, the others come around, and you're forced to go through this all over again.

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