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Positions, Everyone!

It's not always easy for my subjects to get comfy when there's a camera in the bedroom. So first — relax. This isn't your parents' stiff family photo. Hold your baby upright cradled in your arms. It may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how often I have parents holding their baby slumped back lying flat in their arms. Your audience wants to look at your beautiful baby's face, be it straight on or a side profile, but not straight up his nostril. If needed, tuck a small pillow or blanket behind his head to keep it upright.
For the parents, create a sense of coziness by angling yourselves slightly towards one another with your baby in the center. If your shoulders are square with the headboard, you'll lose that sense of intimacy. Also angle your legs out so your feet aren't in the foreground.
Photo courtesy of: Nancy Alcott Photography