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The Ride

So how'd it ride? Really, really smoothly. I took it out on the busy, bumpy streets of Amsterdam and maneuvered the Donkey (including a 30-pound sandbag to simulate a child's weight and groceries) around town. In both the Mono and Duo configurations, it was easily steered with one hand, and never felt unstable. It smoothly handed steps and uneven pavement, and though in the Mono position it did pull a bit to the left (the side carrying the mock child), it did not require much effort to correct its course.

The conversion from the Mono to the Duo positions is very intuitive and can be completed in under 30 seconds (though a seasoned Bugaboo employee did the expansion for me). As a Frog owner, I was also impressed with the stroller's one-piece-fold capability. The ability to close it, without removing the seats saves mamas a ton of hassle, as well as space.

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