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Getting Kids to Wear What Mom Wants

It's an age-old problem: Mom wants her tots to wear a specific outfit, but the lil ones have their own ideas. According to Crewcuts' Jenny Cooper reaching that middle ground requires some finesse:

I think the child has to pick it. I think if mom wants to dictate it, she has be very subtle and very clever. I get a little bit sneaky. I will buy things and just put them in their drawer — things I think they need and think they should wear, and I don’t give them a choice. But I bring them over to the computer with me — because they’re boys and they don’t like to shop — and I let them pick out their own things. Or I try to get them to pick things out, because then they’re more likely to wear it. When I bring things home that they haven’t picked, they feel less of a connection and they’re less likely to wear it. They’re boys, so they need a little encouragement.

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