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Keeping Boys' Wardrobes Fresh

Moms of sons often joke that each year they buy the same things — khakis, jeans, and polos — just the next size up. According to Crewcuts' Jenny Cooper, it's easy to get excited about boys' clothes too:

It's so easy. I'm obsessed with graphic tees. Everywhere I go, I buy graphic tees, so pretty much every month I have some crazy new colored graphic tee, and then this Fall we have a lot of colored bottoms — the whole green thing. There’s a green utility pant that was actually modeled after my father’s pants he had when he was in the army in the 50s. The khakis are good to have. I have a stock of three for each boy as the fallback, and they also go so well with the bright-colored graphic tees. Sometimes you need a foil for all of that color, but there’s really so many great color options out there right now.