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Say goodbye to the sea of class lists and team rosters taking up space on your refrigerator. With Ringya (free), the traditional contact list can find its way into the wastebasket once and for all. Simply snap a photo of any phone list, and watch as it is uploaded into your phone and categorized as a "ring" or an organized contact list. You can then share your "ring" with others who have the app so everyone can share the list.

Should you need to tell teammates that soccer practice is canceled, simply enter the app and click on the soccer ring, and a message (a phone call, text message, or email) can instantly be sent to everyone at once. And for those of you who, like me, only know some of your tot's friends' parents as "John's mom," the app displays whatever info it has about a caller (info that you can adjust once the list is imported) when the phone rings.

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