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A Keepsake Box Filled With Memories

"I have a keepsake box for each of my children. Inside are photos, of course, their baby books, the outfits they wore home from the hospital, first pairs of shoes, locks of hair from their first haircuts, school papers and artwork, and other various momentos that mean everything to me. When I'm ready, I'll pass along the box to each of them. They have no idea that I have been doing this throughout their childhoods. They are aware of the baby books, but not the extent of the collection and memories that I have saved and cherished from each of my precious kiddos." — Crystal P. of MommiFried

"I have a box of items that I couldn't part with when they outgrew them. A few outfits that I especially loved to dress them in and now marvel at how tiny they are. Some cotton blankets, oh so soft, that I wrapped them up in when we rocked and nursed, which remind me how they would all wiggle their feet until they poked them out from under the blanket. Special board books that we read over and over and over — I can still recite them by heart. A few small toys — a rattle, a stuffed animal, a Thomas train. The ever-present pacifiers. My goal is to create a scrapbook of photos of the boys with these items at the time they wore/used them and some journaling of my memories of these times and store it in the box along with these special items. The baby years were so precious and flew by so quickly!" — Anne C. of learingtable