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NICU Memories

"My son was born at 25 weeks (he's now 12 years old), so I have lots of tiny mementos from his time on NICU, he was there for 22 weeks. I even have the staples from the brain surgery he had to save his life. Loads of teddies and cards, and lovely notes that the nurses would write to us, from him, and stick to his incubator, and a small pot that had holy water in that a friend gave us, though the water has all gone now. I have them all stored in a drawer, and they still make me cry when I look through them." — Elizabeth W. via Facebook

"Since she was born a micro preemie, I have our daughters 10, 30, 50, and 100 day certificates she got in the NICU. Also her fist blood pressure cuff, heart monitor, temperature heart, and all her CPAP and SiPap hats she wore." — Stephanie B. via Facebook

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