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Letters From Birth

"I wrote letters to my boys when they were born and then each month on the 'birth date' telling them how they've grown and what they are doing. Oldest is almost 4 and baby is 9 months. I love to go back and read them and see how they've changed so fast already!" — Christie C. via Facebook

"I have a box of letters I've written my son every month since he was born detailing what he's doing and what's going on in our lives and giving him love hope and encouragement for the future. He will be 6 next week so it's still too young for him to have them but when he's older he will get them and if something happens to me I've informed various friends and family about it and to give them to him when the time is right. Until then, on really hard days when I'm super stressed I go back and read through those letters and remember all the good times and it makes it so much better." — Candice R.

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