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First Dress

"I have the little dress that my dad bought for my firstborn daughter, Meagan. It is very special. Meagan wore it home from the hospital, her sister Jenna, 11, wore it home from the hospital, and both of Meagan's girls, now 6 and almost 3, wore it home from the hospital. I have it in my closet and hope to have it put into a glass frame to hang somewhere in my house." — Paula D. via Facebook

"I think the most precious thing I have from my daughter's infancy is a dress my mother gave her for her first Christmas. My mom had a grand tradition of giving little girls fancy Christmas dresses. The first one was very, very fancy. My mom died not long after this, so the dress is both a reminder of my daughter's baby days and my mom." — Christa P.

"My daughter's first frilly dress that she wore on the day of her baptism (not the gown) at 1 month, she wore it to her first wedding at 2 months, and her first pro pics at 6 months." — Jennie D. via Facebook

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