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Slingshot Lane

"I knew from the start that a live-action game would definitely be a must," Jennifer says. "My husband and I decided creating a life-size structure including faux-wood structures made out of painted moving boxes, pigs, a flying bird, and a working slingshot would be the highlight of the party . . . and it was!"

"I put my handy husband to work on an original design for a 6-foot portable slingshot using heavy duty PVC pipe, surgical tubing, cement, a ceramic pot and wood base for support. It worked amazingly well! While he was working on the slingshot, I got to work painting boxes. We added a handful of plush pigs picked up on clearance at our local grocery store, made a few more pigs using green playground balls from Walmart and this tutorial, and purchased a licensed character bird playground ball from Walmart. Voilà! One incredibly fun live-action game complete!"

Source: Banner Events

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