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While it's not a proven method, I find that a frothy glass of beer amps up my milk supply. But, remember to pump and dump if you drink too much.

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btrflyxs89 btrflyxs89 3 years
oh my gosh i swear its irritating how naiive some people are...ok... it takes 1 hour ( ONE HOUR) for a beer to filter out of your blood supply. your milk supply is filtered just like your blood. 1.... beer..... will filter out of your milk in ....1 ....hour....
5 years
i did it and it didnt harm my lil girl who is 2 now and it works.
RenSis RenSis 6 years
Ummm... 1 beer isn't going to hurt your child...just wait about an hour after you drink it before you feed, if you're so worried about it getting into their system! The advise was to have a beer no get sloshed then breast feed your baby!
6 years
I recommend light beer, such as Budwiser with Lime. Delicious! For the puritanical among us, I think the bug in your butt is doing more damage than a beer.
6 years
WOW... all I can say is just WOW... why on EARTH would a woman drink BEER to up her milk supply.. Wonder how they figuerd this one out. (nevermind I dont wanna know).. sorry but im not filling my system with booze so I can have more Milk, i'll feed my child Formula before I do that...*rolls eyes*.
6 years
Yes, go ahead and put alcohol in your baby's system in the name of upping your milk supply. *insert eye roll here*. Use the fenugreek. You might smell like syrup, but it works and doesn't have the potential to harm your child.