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Clair Huxtable — The Cosby Show

It doesn't get much better than Clair Huxtable when it comes to TV portrayals of working moms. The matriarch of the family not only managed a household of four kids (and face it, basically five because Cliff needed some managing, too!), but also maintained her career as a partner at a law firm. Sure, Cliff's OB-GYN practice operated out of a lower level in their home, so he could help with the kids, but Clair realistically showed the struggles and joys of having both a successful professional career and a family. She showed it wasn't always easy — she broke down often, once throwing up her arms and saying, "What it is, is it’s a life so crowded that . . . I don’t have time to figure it out because I’m going to be late for work" — but that it was worth it.

Image Source: NBC
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