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Immunity Smoothie

"[Summer] may be upon us, but [some] Winter germs didn't get the memo. This green immunity smoothie, aka 'The Green Monster,' is a favorite at our house — even when [we're] healthy. Not only does it taste like a tropical island, but it ensures my little guys are getting their daily allowance of veggies!

It can been made in large batches, stored in mason jars, and kept in the freezer — perfect for oncoming sniffles or as a nutritious snack to cool off.

Plain, unsweetened yogurt acts as a natural antibiotic. (Yes, unsweetened because refined sugars feed bacteria and kill defender cells.) Spinach contains antioxidants and vitamins. (Tip: throw in a handful of organic kale for good measure — it's the number one cancer-fighting food). Oranges [and] pineapple, for an extra boost of vitamins C and D. And my little guys love it!" — Missy of Pink Pistachio

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