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Incorrectly Installing the Straps

"We didn't realize how the straps went, so we were strapping our son in the wrong way for nearly six months. We knew something was wrong towards the last month or so cause it got harder and harder to put him in and felt like we were hurting him but squishing him. First time parents is what I blame it on and when I did figure it out I felt horrible for our child who had to suffer, and stupid because I didn't catch it." — Megin K. via Facebook

"Put in the seat for [the] first child and the straps just didn't look right, so [I] took the car to the local ambulance station to get it checked and they said yep it's fine. I still wasn't satisfied and thought it looked wrong. For two weeks I sat in the back with Bubs for safety before my sister-in-law fixed it for us." — Monica M. via Facebook

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