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PS: What are some things that a parent should consider when designing a room for children?

VA: They grow and evolve so quickly, it's hard to know what will last. Little people have a lot of stuff, so storage [is crucial]. You will never find a parent who said, "Darn, I wish I created a space with less storage." As far as design, I always tell my clients that if your goal is longevity, do not get too theme-y. The superheroes your child loves now may not be what they want on their walls in high school. If you just can't let go of the theme, make it something that you can easily change. For example, in Alena's playroom, those wall panels are covered with wallpaper. If down the road she no longer likes birds, they are just covering the panels with something new. Quick, easy, and inexpensive changes.

Source: Vanessa Antonelli for Nessa Lee Baby